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The Junior Baseball Federation of Philadelphia
circa 1948

In a 1948 conference at Shibe Park involving Bob Carpenter, owner of the Phillies, and Connie Mack, Manager and part owner of the Philadelphia Athletics, the first JBF benefit baseball game was arranged and the Junior Baseball Federation of Philadelphia was formally born. Also participating in this conference were representatives of the American Legion, the Police Athletic League, the Sandlot Sports Association, the City Bureau of Recreation, and the Fairmount Park Recreation Bureau. Due to agency attrition and organizational restructuring, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department is the last founding member organization actively involved in continuing the work of the Federation.


The Junior Baseball Federation (the “JBF”) was initially formed to “coordinate the baseball activities of youth serving organizations; to conduct a City Championship Series; to aid and assist baseball clinics for coaches and players; and to conduct a baseball benefit game to raise funds for baseball activities, and to purchase baseball equipment for needy youth”. The JBF, an all-volunteer organization, has continued this original mission of promoting baseball activities but has also expanded the scope of their support to enhancing access and participation in softball programs. 


In 2017, the JBF will further expand their impact by providing financial support to the Phillies MLB Urban Youth Academy, a collaborative programming partnership between the Philadelphia Phillies, Major League Baseball and the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation.

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